“…the only speaker at our conference to receive a standing ovation…”


JeVon CEO Summit 7

JeVon "JT" McCormick is no ordinary businessman.

And he’s had no ordinary life. Raised in the worst part of Dayton, Ohio, he spent his childhood bouncing from home to home, in and out of juvenile detention centers, and was even homeless for a time. He was neglected, starved, and sexually abused as a child.

How did he get out? How did he come from worse than nothing, to having it all? And most importantly, what lessons can we all take from his journey?

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JeVon speaking in panel

Three Steps to Create Tomorrow’s Modern Leaders, Today

In this powerful talk, JeVon explores where we came from, where we are, and where we’re going in the world of business. The future is about people–putting people first, in a way that doesn’t sacrifice profit, but actually amplifies it.

There’s a reason most Diversity initiatives feel like lip service; it’s because they are. You’ll learn JeVon’s simple but powerful framework for Modern Leadership.

JeVon Speaking

People are the Point

Everything in business comes down to focusing on people — your customers, your partners, and most importantly, your team. When you care about the people you’re serving, then results are easy.

In this powerful keynote, JeVon leaves the audience with actionable takeaways to embrace empathy in leadership, harness the power of perspective shifting, and ensure their teams feel seen, heard, and appreciated.

Choosing to Thrive in the Face of Adversity

JeVon started his climb out of poverty and despair by first cleaning toilets at Po’ Folks Restaurant. From there, he worked his way to becoming President and CEO of multiple high-growth startups.

A captivating storyteller, JeVon transports the audience to a world of “what’s possible,” and leaves them with actionable takeaways to cultivate an empowered mindset, gain perspective on their problems, and ultimately, walk away with the absolute belief that they are in control of their own destinies.

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