People Hear What They Want to Hear

Clients and those we serve will always hear what they want to hear, especially when it comes to numbers. This week, we’ll talk about the best way to use that information.

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Close Your Mouth and Open Your Ears

Nowadays, it seems like everyone has the same opinion: that everyone else’s opinion is wrong. This week, I share with you how growing up mixed-race allowed me to always see the other side.

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What Happened to Accountability?

An incident at work has me thinking about what’s happened to accountability and work ethic. This week, I’ll talk about how to reframe our mindsets around those important concepts.

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We Only Fail When We Stop Trying

“Fail fast” is an all too-common catchphrase today, and it’s dangerous. We need to remove “failure” from our vocabulary and focus more on mistakes. This week, I’ll tell you why, using an example you might not expect.

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Share Your Mistakes

I’ve often said that leaders only want to tell you about their successes and not the lessons they’ve taken from their mistakes. However, I haven’t shared enough of my valuable mistakes with you. This week, I’m going to change that.

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There’s No Such Thing as a Dumb Question

Most companies discourage questions—you get fired for asking too many. We’re the opposite…
You can get fired if you don’t ask ENOUGH questions.
Why? Because we value Learning, and you can’t learn if you don’t Ask Questions.
Encouraging people to ask Questions helps us learn faster and earn Smarter Results.

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Share Bad News Early

Most companies don’t share bad news early (or at all) because they think it will soften the blow. Really, it just pisses people off. Your customers get blindsided. That’s why we share bad news IMMEDIATELY: because it makes people Grateful, not Mad.

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Share Positive Feedback as Readily as Negative Feedback

If you have a negative experience with a company, you find them online to leave a negative review.
And maybe you should.
But how quick are you to contact companies when something goes RIGHT?
I give positive feedback as quickly as I’d give negative feedback.

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There Is No Success Without Sacrifice

Will you make the necessary sacrifices for success?
If society wants to shame your sacrifices for success, remember:
Whether you’re President of the United States, President of a business, or the lowest paid person in a company, there is no success without sacrifice.

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